-11 April 2019

How to prevent snaccidents

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Snack + Accident = SNACCIDENT

Snaccidents can happen to anyone. It’s true. We are therefore pioneering healthy snacks to help you prevent any snaccidents.

What kind of snacker are you?

1. Secret Snacker? Face it, some of us binge or eat what we shouldn’t when no one is watching. The secret is to only eat when someone is watching you. You tend to eat less and make healthier choices.
2. Snackasaurus? You can’t eat what you don’t buy. If you struggle with will power, make sure you only buy healthy snacks and no high fat, sugar or refined carb snacks.
3. Midnight snacker? Go to bed earlier. Not only is it good for you, but it will keep you from snacking late at night, which is the worst time to pile on the kilojoules.
4. Mindful Snacker? Train your body to think slim and healthy. If you think like a healthy and slim person, you will start acting like one. Train yourself to change your snack choices.
5. TV Snacker? Reduce your TV time or change what you eat during TV time. Carrot, apple and cucumber sticks or nuts have the same crunchy satisfaction as a bowl of crisps. Popcorn is not bad either, but reduce the salt and say “No” to the butter.
6. Serial Snacker? Always hungry. Make a point of always having a glass of water first, before reaching for a snack. Often you are thirsty and will either forget about snacking or you would have satisfied your craving.

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