-11 April 2019

Granola bars with added fibre

NoNo Granola_Square

Granola bars with added fibre are the perfect on the go snack. Adding Montagu fruit flakes and your favourite seeds gives you a great metabolism boost and energy to get you through the day.


250ml (1 cup) Montagu pitted dates
60ml (4 tbsp) honey
30ml (2 tbsp) peanut butter
200ml rolled oats
150ml desiccated coconut
125ml (½ cup) chopped nuts, seeds and Montagu Fruit Flakes


1. Blitz the dates, honey and peanut butter together.

2. Add oats and coconut and blitz again. Mix the
remaining ingredients in by hand.

3. Press into a lined tin, freeze for 30 minutes and slice.