The key to a little bit of peace during the school holidays is planning some awesome fun in advance for the kids.

Here are the top 4 ideas for kids:

1. Create an obstacle course

Gather items like plastic chairs, buckets, boxes etc and lay them out around the garden. The kids then do the obstacle course on their bicycle or whatever method they prefer. Building it takes a while so you’ll have a few hours of peace with this one.

2. Turn your lounge or garden into a campsite

Pre-select linen, cushions, mattresses and chairs etc for this one. Tell the kids those are their camp building materials and watch them camp or build a secret fortress for their imaginations to enjoy. This one is perfect for colder weather. Use a garden version for the hot days.

3. Create a treasure hunt

Put a bit of thought into this one and plan most of it for the kids. They then get to make and implement all the clues and maybe even add a few extra challenges along the way like a brain teaser or a painting challenge or slime making. This will entertain them for several hours for sure.

4. Make a movie

Get the kids to chose a bunch of their favourite toys and make their very own Toy Story movie or they could film each other during the above activities. Download free video editing software to make it look cool using their own or your smartphone.

Have fun and play this holiday!