The festive season and December holidays are around the corner. Now is a good time to start planning your road trip snacks menu. You need to make sure that it’s not only jam-packed with sweet treats, but also healthy and totally yummy treats. So be snack-wise and choose nutrient-dense snacks like dried fruit and nuts for your family this silly and sunny season.

When heading out on a long drive or road trip with your family, you may be tempted to rely on fast food and snacks to keep them sustained during the trip. Consider that packet of sweets and fizzy cool drink means that you are replacing nutritious, energy-sustaining, complex carbohydrates with simple sugars. This actually reduces energy levels and you reach your destination feeling drained and tired. So, as you finalise your holiday plans, remember to organise nutritious snacks that will keep your family energised, healthy and happy on your journey.

Here are a few easy, wholesome tips for your road trip snacks:
1. Healthy Fruit and Veg

Fruit and vegetables are fantastic snacks as they’re tasty and super healthy. Here are some favourites: carrot sticks, broccoli or cauliflower florets, snap peas, celery sticks, apple wedges, grapes and apricots.

If your kids are like most, then they probably don’t enjoy veggies straight up. Pack in some healthy dips such as hummus, guacamole and peanut butter (preferably sugar and salt-free).

Dried fruit , like peaches, raisins and dates, are also fantastic options as they are mess-free, healthy and super tasty. Montagu Dried Fruit and Nuts offers you a great variety, all conveniently packaged for easy travelling.

2. Pack some Protein

The key to sustained energy is protein. You need to be eating protein-rich snacks such as biltong and droëwors, cheese and whole-grain crackers, hard-boiled eggs, unsweetened yoghurt, unsalted nuts and seeds.

Nuts and seeds are great alternatives to chips if you’re craving something crunchy or savoury. Nuts and seeds are packed full of protein, fibre and healthy fats. Cashews, sunflower seeds, pistachios, walnuts, almonds – whatever takes your fancy. They are all available at your nearest Montagu store.

3. Something for the Sweet Tooth

Without a little something sweet, it can be a challenge to make it through a long journey. Pack some healthier alternatives for when the sugar-craving strikes:  dark chocolate (from 70% up), Montagu No… No Flakes, Montagu raw date and nut bars and fruit lollies.

Montagu has a great selection of healthier sweet options. Our caramel almonds and cashews combine all the goodness of nuts with the deliciousness of caramel. The fruit lollies, fruit cubes and red sugar peanuts are also a favourite among customers. Although these are healthier options, don’t overdo it with the sweet treats. Remember, everything in moderation.

4. Dont foget Drinks

When you’re organising car snacks, don’t skimp on drinks. Your best drink options are fruit juice boxes with a low sugar content, coconut water, milk or almond milk and water. You can always add some mint, lemon or even strawberries to your water. You could also make your own iced tea without sugar and a dash of honey or xylitol.

Remember to pack a cooler box to store your fruit and veggies and keep them fresh. Make use of little containers to keep your snacks organised. Also, make sure you have wet wipes handy to keep everyone’s hands clean before and after eating.

Lastly, spend time selecting and packing your snacks together as a family. This will ensure that everyone has something they like and you all get excited about your trip together.

If you plan ahead and pack healthy snacks, you’ll be able to resist the calling of junk food to satisfy your cravings for munchies and get your body ready for the adventure ahead.

Happy travelling!