-11 April 2019

Valentine’s Date Ideas


Here are a few great date ideas. Even if you think Valentine’s Day is cheesy, it only comes around once a year and we only have one life to live.

The key to a great Valentine’s date is planning ahead. Set yourselves up for a day of romance and spontaneity before the day arrives.

1. Plan a treasure hunt for him/her ending in a romantic candle-lit dinner.

Hide small romantic gifts and clues to the next clue around the house, your garden or neighbourhood locations. The final clue should lead your honey to a beautiful candle-lit dinner for two at a lovely restaurant or your backyard. Cook something yourself and set up a romantic scene at home for when you get back from the treasure hunt.

2. Plan a day out to his/her favourite spot

Then surprise your special someone with something completely different to end off the date. For example, if your person loves wine tasting, plan a day out at a local wine farm and end it off with a sunset boat ride or a movie at the open air cinema. If you plan well ahead you could do your final wine tasting at the same farm that hosts the open air cinema.

3. Plant a special tree, rosebush or favorite flower together

How strange it would be to get gardening gloves as a Valentine’s gift? Well, it’s a great way to surprise someone – you can get to the really romantic stuff after you’ve planted something beautiful to grow. It will remind you both of the love you share. Plan a romantic picnic in your lounge or garden, or go set one up while the person you love goes for a bit of pampering.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at home, with a cheesy romcom and your favourite person, can be just as special. Just prepare yourself to be extra loving and sweet on the day. Remember that it’s not about what you think is romantic but rather what your partner will experience as romantic. Hopefully it can be something you both enjoy together.

Have fun, relax and play. Happy Valentine’s Day!