-11 April 2019

Cashew Nuts

No bake Pecan ‘keto’ bars

By Montagu Snacks / March 14, 2019 / Comments Off on No bake Pecan ‘keto’ bars

These No Bake Pecan “Keto” Bars are simply delicous mouthfuls of nutty, seedy, tasty goodness. Try these as your new anytime,  go-to snack of choice. A special thanks to Nita West for this nutty delight. 10 minutes to make Ingredients 1 cup Montagu pecans (optional half pecan & cashew mix) 1/2 cup Montagu almond flour 1/2 cup…

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Coffee and Chocolate Date Truffles

By Montagu Snacks / January 18, 2019 / Comments Off on Coffee and Chocolate Date Truffles

These coffee and chocolate date truffles are the perfect sweet treat to add to any lunchbox, gift hamper, sweet platter or any special occasion. They’re simply delightful and super easy to make. A special thanks to Teresa Ulyate from Cupcakes and Couscous for this yummy recipe. Makes: 15 INGREDIENTS 100g Montagu pitted dates 25ml Cocoa…

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Chocolate Nib Seed Bars

By Montagu Snacks / December 19, 2018 / Comments Off on Chocolate Nib Seed Bars

Chocolate Nib Seed Bars are the perfect nutritious treat. These seed bars are an excellent source of energy and nutrition. This is a wonderful way to treat both children and adults alike. The xylitol adds a wonderful sweet flavour and the cocoa nibs gives these bars an amazing crunch and texture. Use all the seeds…

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By Montagu Snacks / December 19, 2018 / Comments Off on THE MONTAGU PARTY PLATTER

THE MONTAGU PARTY PLATTER: A gorgeous and appetising platter brimming with Montagu treats that will have your guests coming back to nibble again and again. A special thanks to Teresa Ulyate from Cupcakes and Couscous for this recipe. Makes: 20 INGREDIENTS For the pecan palmiers: 60ml (¼ cup) finely grated cheddar 60ml (¼ cup) finely…

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By Montagu Snacks / December 12, 2018 / Comments Off on HEALTHY ROAD TRIP SNACKS

The festive season and December holidays are around the corner. Now is a good time to start planning your road trip snacks menu. You need to make sure that it’s not only jam-packed with sweet treats, but also healthy and totally yummy treats. So be snack-wise and choose nutrient-dense snacks like dried fruit and nuts…

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Fruity Christmas Cake

By Montagu Snacks / October 17, 2018 / Comments Off on Fruity Christmas Cake

“This is one of the most delicious Christmas cakes I have tasted in a long time. I got the recipe from my sister, who sent me the cake in a beautiful tin from the Free State one Christmas -one of my favourite gifts ever!” – Chef Mynhardt Joubert. Thank you for this stunning Fruity Christmas…

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Montagu Biltong Recipes

By Montagu Snacks / September 19, 2018 / Comments Off on Montagu Biltong Recipes

Soft, yummy biltong is always a winner and has everybody swooning. These delicious recipes are brilliant for braai sides, dinner sides or anytime meals. A special thanks to Ilse van der Merwe from The Food Fox for developing these great recipes for us. 1. Biltong & Herb Garlic Bread: Have you tried this ultimate, golden brown,…

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By Montagu Snacks / July 10, 2018 / Comments Off on CHOCOLATE DATE AND NUT TRUFFLES

Wow, these look like a chocolate variation of Christmas! Make this fun, delicious and healthy recipe for the whole family. Kids love mixing ingredients and rolling the balls. Adults love eating them. It’s a win-win recipe for sure! (Developed by professional recipe developer Teresa Ulyate and prepared in collaboration with Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts…

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Fun Biscuit Recipes

By Montagu Snacks / July 10, 2018 / Comments Off on Fun Biscuit Recipes

We thought we’d throw together a few fun, delicious biscuit recipes to get you all baking like professionals! Why not try a few of these and see which are the family favorites? 1. OATS, SUNFLOWER AND CRANBERRY BISCUITS INGREDIENTS: 125 g soft butter 125 ml honey 1 extra large egg 2 ml vanilla essence 500…

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Top 6 Health Tips for Men

By Montagu Snacks / June 12, 2018 / Comments Off on Top 6 Health Tips for Men

We know that men often have to juggle what feels like a million tasks and have to cope with extreme stress levels. A few simple, healthy lifestyle tips can really make all the difference to living a healthier lifestyle as a man. We would like to contribute to improving men’s health by sharing some insights.…

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